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Please Read the instructions before you fill out and submit the SIGNUP sheet


A. Every player is to read the entire form.
B. Send completed form (every player + parent or guardian signature) with a check or money order cost $75. for 3 on 3 team (maximum 4 players) Cost $115. for 4 on 4 team (maximum 6 players)
C. Entry form must be postmarked by May 14th, 2006 to avoid late penalty.
D. Add additional $10. For late entry fee after May 14th deadline.
E. Team Captain will receive written verification by Wednesday, before the event. If captain has not Received game time by this date Call 574-206-1364.
F. No refunds will be given after event deadline. We will accept 1 check or money order per team.

PO Box 1106
Goshen, IN 46527-1106




1) ID is required for all players ( birth certificate/drivers license)
2) FALSE information regarding weight, height, and age, may result in being disqualified from the tournament.
3) Changes to the player roster can be made at tournament registration before 1st game. New player must fit exact.qualifications of Team bracket.
4) An incomplete form will move your team up into the next age bracket.
5) Every team is scheduled for at least 3 games.
6) Trophies are given to the 1st and 2nd place teams in each bracket.
7) Grammar school division 10 years and under may play against players of the opposite sex.
8) College and High School players are responsible for their eligibility for the tournament. Rules and regulations governing player's eligibility vary. Please speak with your Coach or Athletic Director.
9) Coed Teams will be placed into the male division
10) Confirmation - That we have received your team application is done by you sending a self addressed stamped .....
......envelope. We will not acknowledge by phone or fax.



All games will be played with a one (1) -point baskets, with a two- (2) point shot also in effect. Teams must win by two points. Games are to 15 points or 20 minutes. Finals are 18 points or 30 minutes. Sixth Man Officials will referee all contests. All referees' decisions are final. Rule discrepancies may be brought to Sixth Man management for clarification. High school rules will be applied in areas where specific rules are absent in this guideline. No player can foul out, but continued misconduct may result in immediate dismissal of the guilty player or the entire team from that particular game or the entire tournament. Bad language, rough play, flagrant fouls, hanging on the rim and offensive language directed toward opponents or officials or the crowd, will result in discipline by the referees or officials. This may include forfeiture and expulsion from the tournament. Court monitors may access "technical fouls" for repeated or intentional fouling. A technical foul results in a free throw and repossession of the ball.
.................. After each score the ball must: 1) exchange possession, 2) be taken back beyond the two point line, 3) be checked by the defense before play begins. After each change of possession, the ball must be taken behind the two point line. Play is continuos, however each team may call two twenty (20) second time outs. Substitutions are made after each score and before the ball is checked by the defense. Substitutions can also be made at time outs or a dead ball.


  • First possession of each game is determined by a coin toss.
  • Jump ball is awarded to the defense
  • Basketball Goal is considered out of bounds.
  • Free Throws - On and after the 7th foul. The fouled player will shoot one free throw. A foul in the act of shooting will result .in Two shots, if the shot is missed. If the shot is made, the player will shoot one shot. The referee decides continuation only. Referees decisions are final
  • Offensive foul awards the ball to the defensive team.


1) Take a short break
2) Reduce total number of games
3) Change to single elimination
4) Reschedule games for the next day
5) Cancel remaining games ( each player receives their T shirt)

Note: All tournaments are scheduled to be a two day event however, the tournament reserves the right to complete the event in one day, based upon the number of teams.

ENTRY FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE - Sixth Man Games reserves the right to qualify all entrees. Incorrect information or player substitution is grounds for disqualification of the team. All players must carry personal identification. TEAMS NOT ON THEIR COURT AT THE REQUIRED TIMES AUTOMATICALLY FORFEIT THAT GAME. We reserve the right to reduce the number of games or shorten them because of unforeseen circumstances. Each player's age is based on the tournament's date. Sixth Man Games reserves the right to merge junior brackets with one age group higher. Should a team cross the age division, a decision based on the playing ability, size and weight will determine the team's division. All decisions of the Sixth Man Officials is final. Players may appear on only one roster. Trophies are given for 1st and 2nd place teams.

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You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view and print the SIGNUP sheet. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.