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Having seen, known or felt the burden of a friend, acquaintance or loved one who has battled a type of cancer, The Sixth Man Foundation is seeking to be a mission of assistance through prayer, compassion and financial support.

We seek to be that small hand in the back that can help a man from falling. Not by our strength, but by the knowledge that they are not alone and have the love and compassion of their fellow man.

The main source of funding would be a basketball tournament held each year in the spring. Corporate sponsorship of teams, special events and sale of caps and tee shirts would be our main source of funding.

Presently, there are organizations for guidance, debt planning and grief, but few which provide financial assistance and prayer. It is our hope that our foundation might help defer the accumulating costs of travel, medicine, lodging, meals and other miscellaneous items that continue to mount up and help our fellow man.


the SIXth man games

Year Established:
August 3, 1999
Focus of Foundation: To supply prayer, compassion and financial support for families and individuals going through the hardship of cancer.
Geographic Focus: Started in Elkhart County, Indiana and expanding to surrounding area.
Population Groups: Served All Age Groups.
Type of Support: Corporate and individual contributions.
Type of Recipient: Any family or individual who has a need brought about by extensive medical expenses.
Length of Funding: One Year (longer terms depend on case load).
Method of Referral: By company, church, social agency and health care provider.
Application Guidelines: Review of application and home visit.
Main Source of Funding: THE SIXTH MAN GAMES.